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  • 1 Assembly
    Assembly is a weekly forum to celebrate and share the achievements of all our learners. Playgroup to Year 3 on Ketimus Raya has Assembly on a Wednesday and years 4- 9 on Thursday at Kayu Besi. Parents are always welcome to join the Assemblies and they are valued as an effective communication tool. The presentations at Assembly reflect the learning that has taken place during the Unit of Inquiry for primary years and the content for the middle years. Students lead the Assembly and in many cases take responsibility for the organization and rehearsals. The learner profile underpin the Assembly.
  • 2 Scouting
    Sekolah Buin Batu Scouting promotes spiritual, social, intellectual and physical development. Scouting allows students to develop their profile, leadership and life skills. Activities in this program help students form strong bonds and a sense of cooperation, teamwork, confidence and responsibility. It has been interesting to see that some students have excellent leadership potential, and this becomes obvious as they participate in shared activities.
  • 3 Art Festival
    The Arts Festival is an annual event held at the end of third term. This event aims at giving an opprotunity for students to express themselves through the Arts which is part of the PYP program. It includes both the visual and performing arts. The Middle years students also participate in the event to celebrate the creative aspect of their holistic learning.
  • 5 Student Council
    Student Representative Council is a media for students to live the Learner Profile. The SRC’s mission is to make contribution to local communities. Student Councilors speak to their classes and discuss council events, who they can help and how they can help them. Often the councilors do fieldtrip surveys to see firsthand what a charity situation is like. They make assessments from these surveys and feedback suggestions to the student council. The SRC runs regular events like Bazaar and Auction aimed to promote awareness of the less fortunate and to raise money to assist them.
  • 6 Doctor Children Fund
    Aligned with one of our Mission statements, contribute to the community, Sekolah Buin Batu have worked alongside the DCF to support programs that improve the quality of life of people in our surrounding areas. Students travelled to Sumbawa Besar to support the patients who were operated on as part of the Interplast program where doctors are flown in from Australia to give surgery to those in need. Some students participated in a dental care program at Maluk. They distributed toothbrushes and taught the children how to clean their teeth properly. Another group of students collected money, food and clothing to deliver to the refugees,
  • 7 Excursions
    Excursion allows students to find connections between what they learn with the real-world experience and use primary sources in their learning. This adds value to the knowledge/information the students obtain from secondary sources like books or other printed materials.
  • 9 After School Activities
    After School Activities (ASA) provides an opportunity for Sekolah Buin Batu students to participate in the activities beyond academic context to further aid their development. ASA has become an integral part of holistic education Sekolah Buin Batu is committed to implementing.

Our Events

Agenda  :  Art Festival - PYP
Date  : 12  March 2014
Time  : 16.00 - 18.00
Venue  : Community Hall
Agenda  :  Art Festival - MY
Date  : 13 March 2014
Time  : 16.00 - 18.00
Venue  : Community Hall

Our Guests

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School Leaders' Editorial
A big charity event benefitting the Maluk Orphanage is in the works at both campuses! And we want SBB families involved!! Samantha Rumpel addressed both Assemblies this week as she is working with SBB teachers and students on a "Community Charity Science Festival." This is Samantha's idea and we all are so proud she is taking action to benefit others!

In the coming weeks, SBB students and parents will work on Science projects and display them in the Community Hall on Wednesday, May 28. All entries will be acknowledged with a prize and a congratula-tory certificate. Students can work alone, in pairs or in small groups on their chosen project. Samantha will hand out prizes and Mr. Trent Tempel will be awarding the certificates!

For those students who do not want to create a project, there will be a "Science Learning Area" where they can teach us about the Science-based projects they have worked on this past academic year! We all get to learn from one another!

Even though admission to this event is free, we are asking for donations at the door, which will be given to the Maluk Orphanage. We are asking moms and dads to get involved and help their children with their Science projects in the evenings and on weekends. We are close to the end of the year and there will not be a lot of classroom time for this – so it will be a family-centered event that is supported by the school! Lots more information on this big event will be announced in the coming weeks so stay tuned!

Thank you, Samantha, for leading us in this awesome celebration of student learning and charity giving!
Kayu Besi Campus - 10 April 2014
At the Kayu Besi assembly this week, Year 4 shared information about their current unit which is all about marketplaces. Students presented information on how markets depend on the ability to produce goods and supply services that can be exchanged. Students showed posters of products which they purchased from the commissary and analyzed the packaging, price, product and promotional characteris-tics of each item. Year 4 also shared their knowledge about the ethics of marketplaces as well as common mediums of exchange through a drama play.
Students showed their integration in Math by explaining how percentages work when products are discounted. Students then shared narrative stories which they wrote about marketplaces. Finally, students played a string musical composition which really entertained the audience.